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How To Make beautiful Custom Facebook Page tab

September 29th, 2013

How To Create your own style beautiful Facebook page and ionized tabs. you also watched top brands and popular websites Facebook pages very pretty look and custom tab menu it is a “Facebook app” this custom tabs are we cannot host in Facebook. Facebook page app only support data hosted link secured “https” hosting provider only support  we also know Google site give free 100 mb host space with secured  “https”connection and Dropbox 1gb free. i have also tested working perfectly today we are going to learn how to make Facebook page app (tab menu) with free host and secured hosting providers. your code with,
2.go to the Facebook apps developer page “create new app” button
4. choose app name and select app catogary with “app for pages”

5.choose name and email address, and change sand box mode: disabled

6. include site :443 error code with Secure Page Tab URL
     Eg: Secure Page Tab URL = “”

7. “Secure Page Tab URL” same link with “Page Tab Edit URL” and click “save changes”
8. after go to your Facebook page and click add new tab and select you create app
try this steps on

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