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How to make Facebook Page App for free host with Google site

December 7th, 2013

Facebook page for specified for business ,branding a product , other online based services.
Facebook page support more advanced features, it support full customized tab menu. now we are going to How to make Facebook Page App for free secured host [ HTTPS ] with Google site? otherwise you go to a premium host a secured host provider (secured host is very costly) now we are learn a free way to host a Facebook page app.

we have must a Facebook page and Google sites

1.firstly create a Google site ( you don’t have a Google site create new one )

2.creating a new Facebook page app go to the following link ( )
   ”you are going first time to Facebook developer page required  a sign up ” “create new app” button
4. choose app name and select app category with “app for pages”

5.fill required colums

Basic info

apps basic info section required  ‘display name’ and  ‘contact email’.
choose a name and email address, and change
sandbox mode: disabled (not work app enabled mode)

App on Facebook

links only work with slash bar ( / ) closed (look like below image). “Secure canvas URL” use for ‘HTTPS’

Some times the Google site not load on Facebook page tab this time we need small edit Google site link site name/

eg:            canvas URL:
      secure canvas URL:

Page Tab

fill same link address on “Page tab URL” and “Secure page tab URL”

“Page Tab edit URL”  it is not important just leave it or enter your same google site

finally.. go to the “App edit page” on above App Id: (look like bottom image)

Edit app_id(below red colored text) and Open it in new window

After open a popup window. and select a page click on “Add Page Tab” (Now app’s live on your page)

other wise it will show error message that means you make a mistake.

Now “Add Page Tab” popup window redirect your Facebook account and open your page

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