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Godaddy Custom domain name for Google Drive hosted Website

January 4th, 2014

You have a website or page Hosted on a Google drive or Google app engine and you’re also take effort with adding custom domain but not worked. try now with Make a free way to redirect your custom domain with Google drive. basically Google Drive not support a custom domain name and only you can do with Godaddy forward/masking option but it not Applicable for much links and pages used website . Now we can do with a permanent way redirect with custom domain.

Update: Stoped Their Free Service 

Google drive support Html,CSS website, Not support CMS (WordPress),php,asp.

Example: redirect AbCd

You don’t have a Google drive hosted website or you don’t know how to make website on Google drive Read Below article:

> Host Webpages on Google Drive

First step:

Godaddy > My Account > Domains > Launch > DNS Zone File > Edit

[support naked domain example and]

A (host)” secton change  “@” points to exiting ip change to “”

CNAME (Alias)

Host  > “www” already exiting Points to “ 

www“Not exiting create new “Quaik add” and host www Points to “

and “Save Zone File”

Second step:

Go to and  login with Google

Add your custom domain names on gweb

Example: and naked doamin

You are successfully added your domains under setings and it show dns valid icon, look like below image

Add more domains repeat same steps.
and you are trying to uploading big files via  ( online ) Google Drive recommend “Google drive software” or Google app engine .

> Host Webpages on Google Drive

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