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Best Free Blogging Platforms

January 23rd, 2014

Express yourself with Free blogging. strat your blogging journey with a Best blogging  platform.WordPress is the most popular CMS but it Expensive for blogging beginners, WordPress like alternative best solutions for free blogging.flexible and customizable Free Blogging platform are also avilable but so it customization hard for beginners. select a best blogging Platform your blogging journy.

Jekyll Powered with github and get a great community support.Jekyll running ruby client It fit for developers and professional blogger. It is hosted with “Github page” and also support custom host providers. it very easy to add a your own custom domain.flexible to customizing blog.


Scriptogr is a beta development and very simple user interface easy to blog posting and it aslo support custom domain name, Scriptogr support inbuilt 10 awesome Responsible templates.

It support free hosting with dropbox (turn your Dropbox a simple blog) and user frendly. it not require any client software.

Blogger is a most popular blogging platform and it owned Google. beginners and advanced users are easy to blogging with blogger.blogger support custom domain name, blogger self hosted with unlimited bandwidth but it is not support images hosting it inbuilt upload images on Picasaweb.

You must know this things for a selecting a blog platform

Just want to share personal things(Personal blog) or writing a professional blog? personal blogging just write with a simple blog platform i will recommend Scriptogr , You Professional blogger and like take Effort developing a blog with jekyll you can easier in blogging.

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