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Make Completely Free Website Like Premium Features

January 25th, 2014

Make a website Completely Free and premium Features like (custom domain name and custom host provider). Many powerful bandwidth hosting services are available in the cyber space Google Drive is the most Popular Cloud Hosting  but it is not officially support a custom domain name,but ( Free domain register service give a way to make free domain name then  “” domain name adding to Google drive it is really easy give good solution.

           You have also Registered a premium domain name( or Not like domain name, Buy a new domain i will recommend Godaddy, why? i have also 2 domains registered with Godaddy it is Good service and it give more value your money and more offers.

Demo :- Click here

Follow the steps
1.Firstly you make a Google drive account (
2.After add your website files in to google drive shared folder (you dont’ know about it)
   Read following How to guide:-  Host Webpages on Google Drive
3.Go to following web address: sign up on
   Domain Panel > Your domain > Modify > Dot TK DNS Service
   Add two Names DNS:

 Type > A Record > Hostname > > IP Address >

 Type > CNAME Record > Hostname > > IP Address >

 —> Save Changes.

( Look Like Below image )

4.Go to following Web Address: and you can signup with “Login With Google” button
   Add following your webpage url : –


 ( Look Like Below image )

Above image DNS Show “Valid” As your Gweb control panel show DNS valid, then your work successfully completed.

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