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Facebook Page Tab Apps Host with Dropbox

February 2nd, 2014

How To Turn your Facebook Page Meaningful with “Facebook Page Tab Apps”(Page Tab).
I’m sharing a Small tutorial about how to Make Custom Facebook Page Apps create and host with Dropbox. I have also posted Fb Apps Host Google site It is Easy To Beginner of Web Design but I Think it is not a best hosting And not Flexible To Design.

Dropbox support Web Page hosting better than “Google Site” And Dropbox support Drag and Drop Hosting files on  Public folder. Recently Facebook Developer Page Updated And Get  improved  new ‘Apps analytic’ is easy to Make new Facebook Apps.

Demo: Click here

Note: You must Know How to Hosting A webpage on Dropbox

Follow the steps:-

1. “Log in” to your Facebook account and go to
    (Facebook Developer page) Going to to first time? Required simple sign up process.
2. Create A new app Apps > Create a New App

3.Fill username and namespace (unique)
   And Choose a Category > Apps for Pages        

 Go sidebar Settings  > Add Platform > Page Tab

4 blank rows You can view on Page tab Settings.

Fill Required Columns 

Page Tab Name, Page Tab URL, Secure Page Tab URL

5.Go to your Dropbox public folder and find where is you uploaded “index.html”after Right click
    on  mouse and copy clipboard.

Page Tab Name : choose a name ( it show on tab below )
Page Tab URL : index.html public link copy  and paste it here, it not require a “https” only “http”
                           ( example: )
Secure Page Tab URL : same link paste here it required “https”
                            ( example: )

6.Add page tab image ( 111 x 74 pixels ).

  And Save Changes. you almost finished

Check on your new tab app show on your fb page it is not appeared? aAdd it manually. below link edit with your app id after go to the link 

Still not Appear? Chnage Sandbox mode > Apps sttengs. Any doubts Please mentioned in commends 

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