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2014 SEO Tips For Blogging

March 13th, 2014

If You Know Anything About SEO 2014? or What is Expect on Google SEO in This year.
Failures and Successes After update our SEO skills a right time,  Recently ( 2013 December) Google Page Rank Updated And Next PR Update Expect Anytime in 2014.You want to enable Guest Blogging, Must Avoid Dofollow Links and Unfamiliar contents Otherwise You will Get a Penalty To next Google Page rank update and Must Avoid Low quality paid links choose top level Advertisers.

Paid Links

Always Google Want to Quality contents Also ‘Paid links’ is  Black hat SEO it make negative impact,
Some times It will be help your SEO and you wonder about it but Google always Update their Search Engine Algorithm then your website go to down.

Guest Blogging 

It is Dead? Yeah Gust Blogging is Dead For SEO Purpose only. Quality Writers also Keep moving. Recently Google Web Spam Team Member Matt Cutts Explained All about Gust blogging . strictly advice For ‘Guest Blogging’ Enabled blogs  Don’t include Dofollow links And avoid low quality Guest posts.

  • Gust blogging is Exist But It is Dead for only SEO Purpose.
  • Matt Cutts Also Explained About Multi-Author Blogs It is not Affect.
  • High Quality Guest Post with Nofollowed links can still be a Good.

Search Engine Optimized Webdesign

Responsive Webdesign is sway for SEO we have know Google like quality and user friendly webdesign, Recently Google Webmaster Blog mentioned importance of well Designed user interface and Infinite scrol,.

  • Responsive Design
  • Infinite scroll

What to do Preparation for our blog next Google Page Rank update

So we Should make many changes our blog for better Google Page Rank. Firstly noindex and nofollow custom robot Tags Add to your blog Backward Posts (only do it with search result Backward Posts ). comment moderation is very important also your blog support dofollow comments don’t accept low quality comments or disable dofollow, I think nofollow is better way.
  •  noindex and nofollow tag Add to SEO backward Posts
  •  Strictly moderate Dofollow Enabled Comments

Any Recommendation To Changes or Add more SEO Tips, please mentioned it below

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