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Custom Domain Name Add to Blogger Blog

April 6th, 2014

Blogger is The Best Blogging Platform for Beginners and Professionals, Blogger Support custom Domain name, Also Digitcrop Redirected with a custom domain name,I Highly recommend for who are seriously do their habit of blogging and who is like become a Professional blogging, They are must add a custom domain name.


You are a beginner in blogging or first time to start a blog? it is a right time for Adding A custom domain name to your Blogger Blog, You like Further time to take Add a custom domain, I think That plan is a really crap in future why? You lost all back-links of Blogspot domain, lost Page rank and Alexa rank . Today I am sharing my experience about Redirecting a Blogger Blog (Blogspot) with Godaddy custom domain name. You must know Choosing a Good Domain Name After Register Your blog. Now I’m sharing step by step guide of How to Add Custom Domain Name to Blogger Blog.

Advantages of Custom Domain name add to Blogger blog

  • It is look like a professional blog and attract for visitors. 
  • Your blog Good Exposure In Search engine.
  • It is more memorable for Blog readers.

Follow the Steps:

Blogger > Settings >Basic >  Publishing >  Add a custom domain.
Add your domain name ( And save sttings, You should  see an error.

You can see on there, Host and Points CNAMEs ( look like in image )


 Go to Godaddy and sign in > DOMAINS > > Launch > Dns Zone File > Edit

First, Setup naked Domain example;

Go to A (host) section and following instructions.

Add new ‘host’ and ‘Points to’ for Click on ‘Quick Add’ button.

Host                                     Points to

(It look like below image.)

Go back to Blogger > Settings >Basic >  Publishing >  Add a custom domain.
And copy paste Host and Point to CNAME (Alias) section. 

w2zghghk5df57f (Example Only)

(It look like below image.)

Save Your Godaddy Settings.(Sometimes it take 5 minutes)

Finally,  Go back to Blogger > Settings >Basic >  Publishing >  Add a custom domain > Save.
Now your Blogger Blog Posts and pages redirected with new custom domain name.

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