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Top 5 tips for Success in Blogging

June 5th, 2014

A blog Reach to success is not a Easy thing.  Who is doing hard work and devoted to writing, This type Considerable mind, So they are will be win.Writing contents are king? yes and many bloggers are really good writers, but they are not care about other important blogging facts. how much you interact with your readers and You have try to something different ways to write.

All one like to Rapid boosting Blog traffic, But how to make?.  a beginner blogger have many bad and good supposition, only choose facts not suppositions any thing in blogging. A blog starting before you know about choosing a good domain name and which is best blogging platform for your needs?, You must read following post Which is the best for Blogging, WordPress or Blogger?.

  • Blog Design
  • SEO optimization
  • Relationship with other bloggers
  • Blog Subscription
  • Responsive or mobile friendly blog 

Make a nice Blog Design

Check on most popular blogs that have a awesome theme and it is a important part of a blog.
Impress your visitors with awesome design and awesome functions, You are not a web designer?  use flexible premium themes. Make your own touch in writing and blog design, So It is not easy but you are try to make creative Attitude in your blogging then you can do that. find some resource and  many

SEO Optimization

It is a main part and a Effective way for Maintaining blog traffic. SEO is unitary Factor of a blog, Our not care about blog SEO then Existence of a blog very risk.

Relationship with other bloggers

Making a Healthy Relationship with other bloggers so it will be help for keep your identity in blogosphere. Commenting other blogger posts and share their post on social media, link other blog posts in your posts.

Blog Subscription

Anyway you lost Page Rank and your traffic gone down and you have not enabled any social/email subscription functions in your blog, So your blog take more time to recover traffic. But you are active in social media and You have lot of subscribers, If you can passing recover lost traffic.

Responsive or mobile friendly blog

Nowadays count of Smartphone internet users are Raise Daily, So yea Develop a Responsive or mobile friendly blog. It will be help making extra blog traffic.

Amateur bloggers are not perfectly care about SEO but they have lot of subscribers and visitors, why? their blog more informative and Relationship with other bloggers and I think professional bloggers not care about their posts as seriously take care about promoting their partners and selling links, It’s ok  but infinitum promoting premium service and who is do Overwhelm the facts about that content and have only target promoting, If we lost many unique visitors. Keep blogging with Creative writing So you must Success in Blogging.

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