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Tips for increase Web Page loading Speed

June 11th, 2014

Page loading Speed is affect on SEO and it is important fact, What can do for increase Web Page loading Speed? How much we can optimize page contents, so web page will be increase loading speed. You think which way is better for optimizing, many ways we can do that. Now you can check your website/blog page speed with Google Developer Page Speed Insights, It will be help for know about why your website/blog is slow and how to fix, Google take detailed analysis our web page. Smaller websites and blogs get good benefit of optimizing page loading speed. Page speed performance based two main things true design and Powerful host provider.

Choose Powerful host provider:
Reduce Plugins is main thing of WordPress users Make use of a content delivery network, CloudFlare give free CDN account and also available premium plans. Always Update your version of WordPress and it would help for fixing bad bugs and page loading speed.

Optimize Social media Plugins:
Default Social media plugins are make slow webpage, better using custom plugins  Page loading performance increased, Better way you can make popup windows for Follow,share and like buttons and Custom buttons.

Enable compression:

One of the best thing is compress web files, It will be help for decreeing webpage size and after load faster. You must read How to Enable Gzip Compression.

Minify Resources:
We can do with static type (CSS/HTML) minify Resources. CSS minifying is simple, Make only single external CSS style sheet So multiple style sheets make slow webpage. Ever make CSS on inside HTML element, Feedthebot is help for analyzing our CSS errors. Minify HTML codes on Willpeavy.

Optimize images:

Use small size images and recommended JPEG format. Optimize images in Photoshop (keybord shortcut for Optimize images Ctrl+Shift+Alt+s ).

Try on Google Page Speed Insights with your website/blog and try to fix the problems, Make faster your website and user friendly, If we have get lot of benefit. So It would make next PR update in positive result. Take Particularly and which one infect our site speed? Exactly Bounce rate, Conversion, Page views, Reader satisfaction, Revenue and Google PR. So we need more detailed analysis of web page, Use Pingdom It is a great online tool. My observations are not full, it is only basic, Share your feedback about speed up webpage.

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