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Make free Website with Github Pages

July 8th, 2014

GitHub support for hosting static website with GitHub pages. Also I’m posted Make a website in Google Drive. GitHub pages is more better for hosting static websites, It have unlimited bandwidth hosting. Beginners little confuse to Editing Files in GitHub Repository, But it is Easy to edit Static type files on directly with GitHub file editor (Not required Any extra tools).

Follow The Steps

1. Go to (Sign In)

2. Create a ‘New Repository’.

3. Give Repository Name, Example: mywebsite.

4. Continue click  Create Repository (leave it blank description and license).

5. Go to Settings (right side bottom)

6. In ‘Settings’ you can see ‘Automatic page generator’ button and click it.

7. In ‘Automatic page generator’ page Yo can edit the body text or leave it blank,
    Just click bottom   ‘continue to layout’ button.

8.  Select A layout and continue Click publish Button.

9. 2 minutes  after your website still live! Your Steps are finished.

After you can check your website following link


Tips:- Github Pages Support Custom Domain, Read Following Documentaion How to add Custom Domain in Git hub page.

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