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Beginner Fractional mistakes in Blogging

July 18th, 2014

Beginners are make many mistakes in their blogging, As bloggers are make different type mistakes, It is really Frustrate in your blog traffic and income. So I have experienced many things in my past 2 years blogging career and I’m sharing my personal experience of Fractional mistakes in Blogging.

fractional mistakes in blogging

What is the secret of a blogging? Who is seriously take the blogging? Their can do perfect career in blogging. I’m curious about a newcomers, How their dealing with blogging? Exactly starting time of blogging You have no traffic, No Subscribers, No Comments and nothing you have earned.

Beginners in the first time of blogging Try to making faster to get rich traffic, But get large amount traffic is impossible in blogging. Blog traffic depended with how much you posted, post quality and SEO. Count of post, post quality and SEO are main things of a blog, But some Fractional mistakes make your blog traffic going to down.

Bad user interface

Most top blogs have a cool user interface, Nowadays mobile friendly blogs  are important part of SEO, You must read Tips for boost web page loading speed. Bad designs are depended of traffic and subscribers.

Your own customized templates are the best, but new designs are not fit to your readers? If you must try premium templates, Because premium templates has great features and Efficient to your blog, All popular Premium templates are search engine optimized, user friendly and Responsive.

Lack of new and Transverse contents

A starter in the first time of blogging has no Pagerank, So in this time of your blog post Google search visibility is very poor, but Try to write new and Transverse contents, you have 70% Transverse contents? If I’m sure about your blog get average amount traffic.New and Transverse contents are help for your blog overtake Google Pagerank.

Overconfidence of success

Both are take down your blog, So overconfidence not help because sometimes bloggers face many critical situations example: lost Pagerank, someone hacked your blog and Expectation Brock of your  blog traffic, That time a Overconfidence blogger stop to interval posting and slowly Get in a Recessive mind, But you are a confidant blogger and keep calm in blogging critical stages.

Lower in Social media presence

Social media optimized blogs are make extra traffic and Social media presence is a way for Get more followers. Sometimes readers are different tastes and their use only specific social networking sites, So we need to active in all Social media networks. Share your new posts on social networking sites and add Social media ‘follow widgets’.

Over imitate other bloggers

Beginner also try to make a better design and contents with imitated other popular Blog, It is OK but you have get average traffic in your Blog and have a Good Google PR or, if this time has Trespass for modify your Blog design and contents. You must rethink about making a different kind of  Blog design and contents.

Try to serving good stuff and keep calm with Blogging, This mistakes are faced in past of my Blogging career and I know you have faced some different type problems in your blogging career. What is your opinion of fractional mistakes? You can share your personal experience in Blogging.

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