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Tips to choosing a best Domain name to your Blog

March 7th, 2015

Past of my blogging career I was struggled with choosing a best
domain name, Because that time I was a beginner and nothing to know
about Blogging and SEO, but now I observed some things in my experience
and I share some Tips to choosing a best Domain name for your blog.

keyword less domain names  are little struggle on your blog start up
time, but you need branding with blog? choose a keyword less domain,
Choosing keyword included domain names are the best way to get start
time traffic flow.
Why Domain names are always important? because
best domain names are effective to blog SEO. Short and memorable domain
names are best to get more direct visitors, As Search engine friendly
keyword included domain names are help to increase your blog more
visibility in search engines. If you decide Which type domain name
you’re choosing in your blog, keyword less or keyword included?. Mixed
names Recommended to professional bloggers, Personal and Amateur
bloggers are best to choose author name.

You must decide where is host your blog?, Because almost hosting providers give a free domain name. Check out Cheap WordPress Hosting plans and It will be help to get a free domain name.

blogger must have a Clear plan of their blog and after do all the
steps, as must important and first step is selecting a domain name, So
you may be checked many domain names and best domain names are already
taken or parked domain names, That is a main problem for choosing a best
domain name but in case don’t take .info .biz and other country
specified ( .in .us ) type domain names, Always better ‘.com’,  Some
Blogs are only targeted especially visitors from mothers country So this
type ( .in .us ) domain names are is OK.

Classification of Domain names

Keyword blend with brand name :
Mixed Domain names are best for professional bloggers because It is
friendly to SEO and don’t take off your blog branding. Many Reasons for
choosing mixed domains. Sometimes mixed domain names may long and It is
not memorable, But  Mixed domain names are best for who is focused
almost search engine traffic.
Keyword less name :
It is best for specified subject focused niche blogs and seriously
focused to branding blogs. I believe hard workers can easily win with
keyword less domain name because Popular professional bloggers are also
using Keyword less domain names. So Personal bloggers and amateur
bloggers best fit keyword less domain name
Keywords only in name:
Productive blogs best to choose keywords only in domain name and It
will be help to rapid growth of blog traffic. It does not fit branding
purpose but It is effective to SEO and get large amount traffic from
Search engine.
classifications will be help to decide which type domain name to choose,
but you must care about other things. Sometimes bloggers are don’t mind
to choosing a Good domain name. As You must keep up with following
Easy to Speak: Ask your friends about
domain name Easy to speak or not, visitors can fluently speak your blog
domain name? if visitors remember your blog name.
Eye catchy:  Good domain names are get more clicks from search engine result.
Buy or Bid Domain name:
You decided to buy/bid a domain name after you created a blog and you
like to Advertise Adsense Ads on your blog?, If you must check out the
domain name is Adsense banned or not.
Online Domain name generators: 
Don’t use Random Domain name generators because  it is not unique and
sometimes get a good name but almost random names are make you fool.
‘’ is best site to looking for similar domain names of your
Trademark: Avoid trademark violate domain names, Rare occasion this will kill your blog.
Avoid related names:
Use creative names and Avoid other popular blogs or sites already used
name related, I recommend to check similar blogs or sites are already
available? if don’t take that domain name, blogging is hard to compete
with other similar domain name used blog.
Many bloggers are using
free domain names like ‘.pk’, but it is not a perfect solution, Try to
register a ‘.com’ type domain name, Also available very cheap rates 
domain names in ‘’ and best choice for
WordPress bloggers, use Bluehost or Hostgator and get a free domain name
with hosting plan.
This post will be helpful for choose a best
domain name for your blog. I hope you like this post. Have any Ideas for Choosing a best domain
name? or I missed something? Please feel free mentioned it below
comment box.

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