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2016: Top secrets to make and place better keywords

November 10th, 2016

How to become SEO friendly writing.? It is not hard thing but little care about making better keywords in contents. So today I’m going discuss how to make keywords in blog post content. available google keyword planner it is most important tool to a seo we have options to get super keywords.

In current affair: Include current month or year in post title

Example: Fast Growth tricks: Best SEO tips in 2016
                2016  november changes in algorithm

Research every post keywords before post in blog

Don’t think just copy competitor keywords.  in your SEO you must know the competitor stamina (Domain age, Content Strength, Social-media subscribers. email subscribers content shares.)

Avoid short keywords in largest completion subjects as Avoid long term keywords in low completion subjects, so what we do? mm.. Just exchange both,

Short keyword – Use in largest completion subjects

Large……………..keyword – low completion subjects

Know the real competitor and we can easily overcome

don’t try to jump on top. and don’t try to fight sharks, never done.

when success rates increase we will go correct paths we will get 100% result.
We have limits in keywords. don’t overthink or don’t believe in keyword magic

Maximize your chances go to top

Find right competitor, their keyword you can copy. Use long tail keywords for have big competitors have in the subject, new domain names have limits. writing blog with long tail keyword used. use keywords in index(home) page, but i’m not sure get effect.

How Google determine keywords?

title-keyword, link age – content depth – natural keywords – content quality -link keywords – domain name keywords – quantity of keywords- image alt tag keywords – keywords in bold – media content file name.

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