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Backup your Push notification Subscriber’s list with Google Firebase

December 23rd, 2016

Today I’m Talking About How to Backup your Push notification subscription list with Google Firebase, So why we need to do this? because when we need to move another push notification services or your own GCM, then we required Firebase Cloud Messaging Sender ID and Server API Key.

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) is the new version of GCM. It inherits the reliable and scalable GCM infrastructure, plus new features! Hence, we have updated the guide to show steps for getting FCM Key.

Guide to Create Google/Firebase Cloud Messaging Sender ID and Server API Key.

This Guide for PushEngage (Best Push nottification Services ). Hence, we wanted to share how you can avoid vendor lock-in when you go live with Push Notifications. In order for you to export your subscribers successfully and to use them through another API, you will need to configure PushEngage with your own Google Cloud Messaging(GCM) or Firebase Cloud Messaging Sender Id. Google/Firebase Cloud Messaging is a free service that enables developers to send push notification messages between client browser and serve.

Steps to Create a Firebase project and FCM sender ID
In the Firebase console, at select Create New Project.
Supply a project name and click Create Project.

Select the gear icon next to your project name at top left, and select Project Settings.

Select the Cloud Messaging tab. You can find your sender ID in this page.

5 Copy these value in PushEngage Dashboard under Settings -> GCM/FCM Settings, and go live.

OLD GUIDE – If you have an existing GCM account, use the steps below.
Here are the steps to create your GCM (Google Cloud Manager) Key
Sign into your Google Cloud Platform Account on

2. Once in the Dashboard, go to Create a project from the drop down menu.

3. After Creating the Project, Click on Use Google APIs and then Find Google Cloud Messaging. Click Enable.

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This tutorial for PushEngage Push notification service, Other services(Pushcrew, LetReach) are slightly diffrent. We hope you like this post, Please shoot in below comment box.

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