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Ultimate Guide: Best Websites to find Dofollow CommentLuv Blogs

December 25th, 2016

BloggerPing Recently Posted Simple method to find CommentLuv enabled Blogs? , Then In This Post  I’m writing about Best Websites to find Dofollow CommentLuv Blogs. So If you are a blogger, did a lot of search in creating High Authority backlinks for your site then your might came across the words ‘CommentLuv Plugin’, ‘CommentLuv Premium’ or ‘CommentLuv Enabled Blogs’.

CommentLuv is actually a WordPress Plugin for Bloggers using WordPress Blogging Platform. The plugin comes in both Free as well as Premium versions.

This thing helps readers/commentators to get high quality backlinks from that CommentLuv enabled site where they makes comment and helps that site’s webmaster to gain more engagement and more comments and hence furnishing the quality of their articles.

If a site is using CommentLuv (FREE) Plugin, then the webmaster can configure if he wants to provide commentators do-follow or no-follow backlinks, option to choose among his 10 most recent article or not. Also, If you got 3 approved comment on that commentluv premium enabled site, you will get do-follow backlink for your Blog at Your Keyword and get access to choose among 10 most recent articles without doing Tweet, +1 or Facebook Share.

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In search of CommentLuv Premium Enabled blog, you can get a list of 30, 40, 50 even 100+ commentluv premium blogs to comment on but those are not only of your Blog specific niche. Visiting those provided links, reading articles there (as comment should be relative) and then commenting is really very frustrating task.

Many times, you got bounced to a blog which is neither directly/in-directly related to your field on interest nor you know anything about the topic.

So here is an easy way to find unlimited CommentLuv+/CommentLuv Premium Enabled Blog of your Niche.

CommentLuv official Search Engine

1 : Go To CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search.

2 : Enter your email ID and sign up to CommentLuv Newsletter Subscription (required).

3 : Confirm subscription from verification Link provided at your email.

4 : Again Visit CommentLuv Enabled Blog Search, enter your email ID and you’re done.

Now, where you are is CommentLuv’s Google Custom Search which lets you to search through all commentluv enabled blog. Just search for a word or topic, visit a link, that will also be a commentluv premium enabled blog.

PutMyLink is the most prominent online tools with free of cost by which we could easily find all dofollow commenting blogs with very instant of time. Look at the screenshot of this online tool.

DropMyLinks is another most prominent & tremendous online tool which give the opportunity to find all the dofollow commentluv and keywordluv blogs for commenting. I would recommended to use dropmylinks because of easy to use and best one. Learn how to use this tools.

Now You will be able to see two options boxes. “like this” The first one will be for keywords & the second one will show Find.

Keywords: In keywords box you will insert a keywords related to your niches.

Find: In finds box you will need to select which type of blog you want to search for.

Now Simply Click on Search Buttons A new Google Search Page will appear. Like as Below

Now you will see all ” Enter YourName@YourKeywords” with each blogs on google search page. I have also highlighted that in the above screenshots it means that all these blogs are KeywordLuv Enabled blogs which allow us to leave a comments with Commentluv option.

Now visits this blog one by one and start commenting on them. it will be more better for saving your time to note all these blogs in excel file. Next time you can easily landed on them for commenting without finding by using this methods.

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So this is a tutorial to find dofollow commetLuv and keywordluv enable blogs for commenting and get high quality backlinks for you blogs which also helps you in getting a PR. Now It’s your turn to share his post and,.We hope you like this post, Please write what you think about this Websites below comment box

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