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How to Make Attractive Blog Writing Style

February 23rd, 2017

In my career i did many works in web related, i like web design but writing is my passion, and I’m sharing interesting article in my past blogging experience about blogging writing style related. So we can just start to discuss. How much  Blogger Attitude tinted up with Blog Writing Style?, How much you like writing that is depend on your success.

Attitude is the key of success

Have Different type attitude, many one have attractive attitude but you have not attractive attitude if people don’t like in life, So In blogging we need great great attitude in writing style, readers don’t like a robot or just like a common person we write like a warrior, But don’t be fool your reader, we need to make trust in their mind.and after care about don’t loose it.

Make Attractive Blog Writing Style

  • Starting Point
  • Short description
  • One by One Order ( Rhythm of Writing )
  • Final check up
  • Writing Flow

When you have nothing to write? if you’re not resourceful blogger you must need read something related to your blog subject and think about every possibility’s make a title before you can start a blog post, when i don’t get any ideas about blogging then I will will start think a subject for write and the n i google it, read blog posts  read and make ideas and possibility’s for new blog post.

Imagine about clear sky, and sky in the night popup lot of  stars, moon and clouds,  Sometimes our mind like a sky. we get lot of ideas and take after some hard research.

Positive Attitude tinted in your Blog Writing

Write with your own language style, Don’t do like a robot. To be a successful writer, it’s necessary to believe in yourself. Whenever you’re faced with a difficult writing project or task, remember why you are writing in the first place. Keep all of your past writing accomplishments top of mind and remember that you can do it. If that means taping a list of your successes close by so you won’t forget, do it.

Don’t use abstract concepts

If you are writing an article, you should try to use clear terms. You should try to use words that have meaning to people, words people can visualize. Writing about staff and employees remains abstract, while writing about the secretary and the handyman has more meaning. Search Engine Optimization is a very abstract concept, while ranking high in Google will immediately makes clear what you mean. Of course, you will need some abstract terms and words in your blog, but make sure to explain these terms by using concrete terms as well. Adding examples could also do the trick.

Good use of paragraphs

I’ve written a whole post on using paragraphs to make your point, so let me just suffice by saying that an effective use of paragraphs will make your posts scan-able, readable and professional.

Sometime we need a Conclusion!

Of course, there are only very few of us who can write the Great American Novel. Some of us just write easier than others. Obtaining an attractive writing style perhaps is harder to learn than writing in a clear structure. Still, with a little practice and the use of these 5 tips, everyone should be able to write a decent blogpost.

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